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So what is a sober living house? Essentially it’s a residence that provides an illicit drug and alcohol-free living space for those transitioning from rehab back into society. It’s not just a physical location however, it also provides a supportive, structured community for those in recovery. Community support is a critical component in recovering from addiction, and although sober living housing does not offer formal therapy many people find it beneficial to participate. You’ll be living with others who understand what it’s like to battle addiction, and like you have fought to rise above it. Another part of recovery is having sober friends, reducing or eliminating time spent with anyone who might be drinking or using drugs. You’ll make new, sober friends when you choose to participate in our sober living housing program!

Benefits of Sober Living with Magnolia

Substance use disorder, also known as addiction, is a chronic condition and recovery is a life-long process that involves continued support and care after rehab. That’s why we emphasize aftercare planning at Magnolia, to ensure your continued success after completing our programs. Transitioning back into your life and society can become overwhelming, and sober living housing programs can help you maintain abstinence while surrounded by triggers and stressors. Quite sober living housing is transitional housing meant to ease you back into independent living. Sober living houses are generally voluntary, while halfway houses can be court-ordered.

There are many benefits to participating in sober living housing programs, and they can make a huge difference in your recovery process. When you participate in our sober living housing program you’ll experience benefits such as

  • Structure. Rehab is a very structured process, and many people benefit from living in places that also have rules and structure. You might be required to attend peer support groups like Narcotics or Alcohol Anonymous or other secular programs. You may have household chores assigned and a curfew. You might even be required to complete drug testing. Your sober living house may have rules against overnight visitors, or you spending the night elsewhere. You may also be expected to attend regular house meetings and abide by house rules.
  • Accountability. The structured model of sober living residences allows for greater peer accountability, to do your share of cooking, cleaning, and other day-to-day minutiae of running a household. Living with others experiencing similar struggles can make you more accountable in the first days and weeks following treatment, as you continue to attend peer support groups and therapy sessions to maintain sobriety. 
  • Community. As mentioned above community support is critical to the recovery process from a substance use disorder. Research also shows that those in recovery to socialize with those who still use drugs and alcohol have a higher risk of relapse. Living in a sober house allows you to build a new community, establish friendships outside of substance use, and receive peer support from those who are living a similar experience as you.
  • Progress. You might feel a bit lost after your rehab treatment ends, unsure of what to do next to continue improving the skills you have learned, or how to apply the things you have practiced in therapy in a real-world situation. Utilizing a sober living housing program can bring back your focus on recovery, and help you to continue your progression.

Why Choose Magnolia Recovery For Sober Living in?

At Magnolia Recovery we offer sober living housing facilities that are well-maintained, safe, and comfortable. We understand that many people need a buffer between the end of a rehab program and being thrust back into society, and we offer residences where dignity and respect are considered crucial to recovery. By participating in our sober living program, or couples rehab in California you will regain the confidence and stability needed to succeed at rejoining society. During your residence at our sober living housing, you can expect assistance in learning new skills that foster economic self-sufficiency such as

  • Education application assistance
  • Job application assistance
  • Applying for benefits like food stamps, SSI, TANF, and other housing programs
  • Community support
  • Various other social services

Utilizing sober living facilities can also help you continue the lifestyle changes you learned about in your rehab treatment, reducing your risk of relapse.

Women’s Sober Living California

The purpose of separating sober living housing programs by sex is not to enact barriers to treatment, but rather to account for the different, lived experiences of both men and women. Women have a very different experience than men do when it comes to addiction due to biological and social factors. Studies have shown that women use smaller amounts of specific drugs for less time before they become addicted. Women also may experience more cravings and may be at a higher risk of relapse on certain drugs. Rehabilitation is hard work for anyone, but women in particular seem to be more afraid to seek addiction treatment. This fear may be based on the legal and social ramifications of using drugs and being a caregiver to a child, simply stated women are afraid their children will be taken away from them. Or they may be the sole caregiver, unable to find someone to care for their child while in treatment. Having access to transitional housing that supports childcare can be the difference between recovery and relapse.

Men’s Sober Living California

Men also deal with their own set of barriers when it comes to addiction and recovery. Men are twice as likely to binge drink (5 or more drinks in two hours) and are more likely to develop a substance use disorder, and their withdrawal symptoms from alcohol addiction are more intense than women. Men are also more likely to use illicit drugs as well as require emergency treatment for overdose. Physically men can tolerate higher amounts of drugs and alcohol than women and may require more of a substance to feel its effects. The societal pressure on men to be “tough” and hide their feelings makes it difficult for many men to open up and be vulnerable, and studies have shown both women and men feel tend to be more guarded in mixed group therapy.

To summarize sober living housing programs can be incredibly beneficial to those who are newly recovered, and help them ease back into society. Sober living houses will also assist residents in finding meaningful employment, which is an important part of recovery. Our substance abuse center in California will aid you in finding the right residence that suits you as an individual, should you choose to utilize sober living housing.

If you or someone you love is battling addiction we are here to help. Our admissions specialists are standing by 24/7 to answer questions, and guide you through the intake process. We understand that change may seem impossible to you right now, but you have the strength inside to make different decisions for yourself. There has never been a better time to pick up the phone and call us at (818) 431-2224. Or visit our website to verify your insurance, we accept most kinds. Our staff truly cares about your well-being and will do everything possible to help you begin your path to recovery. You are not alone!



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Benefits of Sober Living with Magnolia

Why Choose Magnolia Recovery For Sober Living in?

Women's Sober Living California

Men's Sober Living California

Magnolia Recovery… A Special Place to Learn and Heal

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