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Magnolia Recovery Admissions Process

Welcome to your recovery journey!

Our licensed facility and experienced staff help our clients create individualized addiction recovery programs, improve physical and mental health, and adopt better methods to cope with a substance use disorder and think about the rest of their lives.

Receive the support you need to achieve and maintain the goal of a healthy, happy life – free from substance abuse and addiction. We provide the tools to succeed.

It all starts here.

All Insurances Accepted

What To Expect When You Call

Your first step to entering our residential recovery program is getting in contact with us through our online forms or by calling us directly, 24/7. We’ll put you in contact with your admissions representative, who will get to know your history, medical needs, and immediate reason(s) for coming to our facility. Knowing a patient’s history helps form an effective plan for recovery.

Then, once a goal has been made, we’ll work with you to verify your insurance. We’ll review the details of your plan and address questions you may have. Once verified, we provide an individual plan based on your coverage and needs.

Next, we’ll discuss arrangements for your arrival to our facility. Whether you’re local or traveling from another state, we’ll ensure a peaceful transition into our facility.

From there, you’ll undergo an initial assessment and preparations to formulate your individualized treatment program.

What To Bring When You Come

We’ll provide you with your education, housing, meals and basic necessities.

To ensure your comfort, we suggest our clients consider bringing the following items:

  • ClothingComfy clothing as well as socks, underwear, sneakers, and shower shoes
  • ToiletriesHair products, toothpaste, shower gel, toothbrush, deodorant, etc.
  • PrescriptionsAny prescribed medications, which we can store for you and dispense when appropriate
  • IdentificationValid forms of identity, including driver’s license, passport, medical insurance card, etc.
  • Contact InfoA list of emergency contacts or numbers of people you’ll want to call
  • PersonalSmall items to use during downtime (books, puzzles, notebook, etc.)
  • InspirationAny inspirational items or photos

Magnolia Recovery Admissions FAQs

Which airport should I fly into?
Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR) are our two closest airports to our residential treatment center.
Are visitors allowed?
At this time we are monitoring the ever changing health recommendations set by our licensing board and the CDC, along with State and County guidelines. When safe to do so, for all staff and clients, visitation will be allowed.
Will I get my own room?
Clients have a room to themselves at all times, however, note that due to the needs of the facility there may be times when clients will have up to one roommate for part of or for the duration of their stay.
What insurance do you accept?
We accept most PPO insurances. Apply online here: Magnolia Recovery Insurance Verification Form.
Can I bring my pet?
Pets are not allowed at the facility.

Are couples allowed?
Couples are allowed, although they will be asked to reside in separate rooms.

Is your facility wheelchair accessible?
Yes. We work hard to ensure all areas of our facilities are accessible to all as much as we possibly can.

How long does treatment take?
Each person’s treatment is individualized and a specific time frame for completion can not be determined prior to intake. Each individual will begin their treatment planning with a therapist, medical team member and experienced staff. Length of stay and clinical/medical impression will be discussed upon intake.
What if I don't need detox?
Each individual’s initial level of care needs will be determined during the pre-admission step and upon intake with our multidisciplinary team, so appropriate placement can be assigned.
Do you treat mental health issues?
While working with our registered and licensed staff members, the cause of each person’s substance use will be worked on, which includes mental health issues. These treatments will be discussed and developed with each client and their therapist.
What's included in your family program?
With the authorization of each client, family will be involved as much as the client is comfortable. This can include discharge/aftercare planning, alumni support and involving the family to help better understand the complexities of what their loved one is seeking treatment for.
What activities do you typically offer?
Daily group activities include expressional art therapy, yoga, physical fitness and music will be offered. We also will have weekly outings to many of the wonderful surrounding areas including, beach trips, museums, parks, sightseeing destinations and entertainment centers, as well recovery based meetings in the local community.
Do you have group and individual therapy?
Yes, all clients have group and individual therapy sessions. We feel it’s important to have one-on-one time with your therapist but also connect with peers in group sessions, so we offer a mixture of both.
Are there any special therapies you offer like art or music?
Yes. Art, yoga, music, and nutritional therapies are all offered here at Magnolia Recovery.

Can I have and use my cell phone / laptop while in care?
A phone will be available for use once on residential level of care as well as computer access. However, we do not permit the use of personal cell phones.
What type of food do you offer?
We offer nutritional based meals as well as snacks and refreshing drinks throughout the day. All diets and allergies are collected upon intake to ensure healthy, safe and delicious food is provided to all.
What does your physical fitness program include?
We offer weekly physical fitness groups and outings. During the week we also offer yoga and meditation groups onsite and we have a pool for leisure and physical fitness as well. Daily walks throughout the neighborhood with staff and also a great way for clients to get in some daily exercise.
Do you have an alumni program?
Yes. Our admission and outreach team will communicate with all clients about the alumni offerings and be in long term communication with all that complete treatment with us.

Our Substance Use and Mental Health Disorder Educational Blog

Our treatment program focuses not only on the individual, but the family system as well. We not only treat your addiction, but we make sure to address any underlying emotional concerns that may escalate the manifestation of your symptoms.
  • As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as in being able to remake ourselves.

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Medical Disclaimer: Nothing on this Website is intended to be taken as medical advice. Before making any decisions on your physical or mental health, please consult your doctor. The staff at Magnolia Recovery Center will work with our patients on a custom diagnosis and care plan. Specific medical advice will be provided to our patients while in our care.