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We’re dedicated to providing you and your loved ones with the best care. We have a team of dedicated professionals to assist you in understanding your insurance coverage and financial options. Our experienced team helps to maximize health insurance coverage while minimizing your own costs.

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Addiction Recovery Costs and FAQs

What Type of Insurance Do You Accept?
We accept a wide range of policies from many providers. Please call us today for a full list of our providers.
What Is the Cost of Treatment?
Costs vary depending on a number of variables. As mentioned, we do our best to minimize your out-of-pocket costs.
What Is a Primary Insurance Subscriber
That may be you, your father, mother, or other family member. However, many people in treatment may qualify for treatment under a family member’s insurance plan.
How Do I Know If My Insurance Policy Covers Treatment?
Navigating a health insurance policy can be difficult. We’ll help you understand your individual policy terms and how that translates in costs to you. We work with you to ensure you and loved ones receive the best care possible. Allow us to help you understand your insurance policy at no additional cost to you.
Why Do I Need to Verify Insurance?
This helps us provide you with the necessary information related to costs covered by your insurance. Once you’ve filled-out all the necessary information via our Verification Form, we can start the process that takes about one business day. Once verified, we’ll contact you to review details of your coverage and our offered services.
What Is a Pre-Certification?
Some health insurance policies require a pre-certification before a client can start a program. You can complete this process for you if possible. Otherwise, the process may necessitate you notifying your insurance company of your intentions for therapy.
What About Maintaining Coverage Through Recovery?
Some insurance plans and providers require intermittent reviews related to a subscriber’s treatment and services. We work in compliance with health insurance standards and help ensure uninterrupted treatment and medical coverage throughout your recovery.
How Does My Deductible Factor In?
A deductible is an annual payment amount owed before your insurance begins coverage. A person with a higher deductible plan, has higher overall costs but a lower premium per month. Those with a low deductible plan, have higher dues each month.
What Is a Copay?
A copay is a fixed, out-of-pocket fee paid per service. For example, you may provide a copay fee each time you visit the dentist. Some insurance companies do not require a copayment.
What Does In-Network Mean?
Rates may be predetermined or discounted when a service provider is “in network” with your insurance provider. However, this means limiting your number of possible providers.
Can I Still Get Treatment from Out-of-Network Service Providers?
Yes, you can still receive treatment from out-of-network providers. In many cases, it’s most important to seek treatment from a service or facility that will provide the best care for an individual. It is why many people seek speciality treatment providers regardless of whether they are in/out of network.
What Is an Out-of-Pocket Expense?
These are fees that are not covered by insurance policies. Examples of out-of-pocket expenses are copayments, deductibles, and co-insurance.

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Our treatment program focuses not only on the individual, but the family system as well. We not only treat your addiction, but we make sure to address any underlying emotional concerns that may escalate the manifestation of your symptoms.
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