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About Magnolia Recovery of LA

Magnolia Recovery is an individualized Treatment Program specializing in Detox and Residential Care for those who are suffering with substance abuse and alcohol addiction. Our program is the first in a sequence of steps on the path from addiction to and through recovery.

Our purpose is to provide a safe and healing environment for those individuals who are entrusting us to guide them through the process of their own personal recovery. We do this through safe and healing detoxification process with our Medical Doctor, health related education, therapeutic counseling, nutrition, family dynamics, exercise, and spiritual development.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to meet each individual client exactly where they are when they enter our program. We understand that addiction is a disease and everyone is effective differently by this condition.

Our goal is to help each person to understand the underlying issues that have caused them to abuse substances, alcohol or engage in other destructive behavior in order to get their needs met. Through personalized treatment we can help individuals find the right tools to replace their unhealthy habits and go on to live a happy, fulfilled life.

Here at Magnolia Recovery we believe addiction treatment should be:


No matter what your gender, race, age, sexual preference, religious beliefs or lifestyle choices are – you should be able to get the care you need.


Addiction Treatment should be rooted in science and focused on methods that are proven to be effective for long-term recovery.


Your individual needs should be evaluated and a custom care program should be made to meet your health goals, without having to buy into of any specific philosophy.


Getting treatment shouldn’t be so expensive. Our program is designed to provide the care you need at a price you can afford.

The Magnolia Recovery program provides care in a shame-free environment that is accessible to anyone.

“You are not alone and this is not the end of your story.”

The Magnolia Recovery Mission

Our Mission is to honor each client as an individual.

We aim to help guide as many people as possible through every level of care, including support after completing our recovery program, with the goal of discovering a fulfilling life free from chemical dependency.

We understand that successful treatment includes a comfortable and safe environment. We work hard to make our program as accessible and inclusive as possible, ensuring each individual that comes through our doors feels welcome and deserving of care.

Our Substance Use and Mental Health Disorder Educational Blog

Our treatment program focuses not only on the individual, but the family system as well. We not only treat your addiction, but we make sure to address any underlying emotional concerns that may escalate the manifestation of your symptoms.
  • As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as in being able to remake ourselves.

Magnolia Recovery… A Special Place to Learn and Heal

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Medical Disclaimer: Nothing on this Website is intended to be taken as medical advice. Before making any decisions on your physical or mental health, please consult your doctor. The staff at Magnolia Recovery Center will work with our patients on a custom diagnosis and care plan. Specific medical advice will be provided to our patients while in our care.