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Drug Rehab Pasadena Center: How to Find the Best Center Near Pasadena

Drug Rehab Pasadena

Drug Rehab Pasadena Center: Find Help Today

Choosing a drug rehab facility or program can be one of the toughest decisions in a person’s life. The choice involves a lot of variables and will have a major impact on an individual, so reviewing all of the options is an important step in the process. No one ever looks forward to receiving treatment for any disease, condition, addiction, or other medical issues. The good news is there are plenty of inpatient rehab, outpatient treatment, drug detox, and alcohol detox providers available in the Los Angeles area. A quick search for “Drug Rehab Pasadena” will get you going in the right direction. From there, finding the best places for drug rehab near Pasadena is a simple and stress-free process. 

What Is Drug Rehab?

Drug rehab is a different process for each individual who goes through the steps of removing drugs or alcohol from their life. If you have searched for “Drug Rehab Pasadena,” you have identified that you, or one of your loved ones, is having an issue with substance abuse and would like to seek treatment. This is an important precursor to the drug rehab or alcohol rehab process. If you or your loved one does not see drug abuse or alcohol abuse as a problem in their life, taking part in any inpatient treatment, outpatient program, or drug detox or alcohol detox protocol will most likely not have the desired results.

Drug rehab for Pasadena residents can take place in a variety of settings. This makes choosing the substance abuse program that is right for you a lot easier. People make many excuses for not beginning a treatment program, and two of the main reasons are the lack of time and money.  The answer to both of these issues is that there is a drug or alcohol treatment program for everyone. Treatment professionals work with people from different backgrounds and situations every day. The ultimate goal is to help the most people possible put drugs and alcohol behind them and begin to live a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Depending on the substance a person is abusing, how long they have been struggling with substance abuse, their general health, and several personal metrics like age, gender, genetic and family background, an individual may undergo one or multiple phases of drug rehab. The road to recovery will be a unique journey for everyone who begins the process of becoming clean and sober.

Recovery is a process that lasts a lifetime.

Drug Rehab Pasadena Center: 5 Steps of Drug Rehab

If you have already searched for “Drug Rehab Pasadena,” then technically according to many experts, you have already reached the second phase of drug rehabilitation, which is contemplation. This is basically the stage where you see that you may want to make a change in the future, but you are not sure exactly when or how that will occur. Before this stage is pre-contemplation, during which people struggling with a substance abuse disorder are still justifying their actions and are definitely not ready for treatment yet.

Once these stages have been completed, the three action phases begin. These are preparation, action, and maintenance. During the preparation stage, a person gets their ducks in a row, makes sure their schedule can conform to a treatment program and makes other plans to ensure they can continue with and finish what they start. The action stage is when a person actually gets help and attends a drug rehab for an alcohol rehab program. During the maintenance stage, a person may participate in support group activities coordinated by organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, among many others. 

These five stages correlate to the five steps a person typically goes through to begin and maintain their recovery from substance abuse successfully.  These are:

  • Admit to your friends and to yourself that you are struggling – The contemplation stage
  • Find support from day one – The preparation stage
  • Detox through your first days of sobriety – Action stage
  • Rewrite your daily routine – Action stage
  • Know the signs of relapse – Maintenance stage
  • Remain committed to the steps – Maintenance stage

Best Drug Rehab Pasadena

What Criteria Should You Look for in a Drug Rehab in Pasadena?

One of the first things to consider when deciding which rehabilitation treatment facility is best for you is the services provided by the rehab center. What programs and services are available to patients with your specific diagnosis or condition? Magnolia Recovery of LA provides diverse care options for patients with varying needs. Emotions, logic, and reason will come into play when choosing an alcohol or drug treatment facility. Substance abuse affects a person’s mind, body, and spirit, and when it comes to recovery, all of those areas of an individual will be impacted, too. So how you feel about a place where you will spend time in either inpatient treatment or outpatient recovery programs is important. Here are some questions to ask yourself, your family, and the facility personnel before you make a decision:

  • Does the facility meet your rehabilitation needs?
    • Do they have multiple-phase programs so that you can easily progress during your treatment?
    • Do they have aftercare and alumni support programs?
  • Does your health insurance cover the therapy or services you need?
    • What will your out-of-pocket costs, if any, be during treatment?
    • In addition to insurance, are there any other financial support programs available?
  • Does the facility setting work for you?
    • Is this the type of environment you are used to spending time in?
    • Are there activities you typically do that are available?
  • How experienced are the Physicians, Nurses, and Staff?
    • Has the staff worked with people in your situation before?
    • What access will you have to doctors, nurses, and support staff?
  • What are the quality outcomes of the facility?
    • Are their goals aligned with yours?
    • Are the timeframes involved in what you are seeking?

Is Drug Rehab in Pasadena Covered by Insurance?

In general, the answer to the question regarding drug rehab and coverage by insurance is, “yes.” However, there is a good amount to investigate before you assume something will be covered during your treatment. At Magnolia Recovery of LA we work with each individual client to go over their exact insurance coverage before we begin treatment  We also explain what some of the insurance jargon means, when necessary, to make sure each one of our patients is comfortable from the start and can put the administrative steps behind them and concentrate on their addiction therapy. Our experienced team wants to make sure you get everything out of your insurance coverage that you are eligible for so that you can minimize any of your own costs.

A Drug Rehab Pasadena Center Is Available at Magnolia Recovery of LA

At Magnolia Recovery of LA, we offer a holistic approach to addiction recovery treatment. We know that anyone beginning a drug treatment program will be anxious, and our goal is to make each and every one of our guests confident and comfortable with their rehabilitation choices. At Magnolia, we offer medically supervised detox, residential care, and multiple outpatient programs, including aftercare, so that our clients do not have to look elsewhere as they work through their issues with substance abuse and addiction.

Please call the Magnolia Recovery of LA today at (818) 431-2224 to learn more about what we offer.

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