Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment Irvine

Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment Irvine

5 Benefits of Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment

As anyone who has experienced substance abuse treatment knows, a drug or alcohol can affect most aspects of their life. A substance use disorder affects physical health, mental health, relationships, job, and other essential elements of a person’s life. That’s why finding a recovery program that focuses on whole-person well-being and includes holistic substance abuse treatment Irvine residents can access is important.

The best addiction treatment isn’t just about detoxing and managing cravings. It’s about managing one’s overall mental and physical health and repairing the damage that drugs and alcohol have wrought. At Magnolia, we feature clinically driven treatment programs with a holistic component. Evidence-based treatments address addiction and its various mechanisms, but holistic therapies enhance both an individual’s mental and physical health, helping them build a strong recovery foundation that complements conventional addiction treatments.

If you are living with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you’ll find support for your mind, body, and spirit at Magnolia Recovery of LA. We individualize treatment to ensure that each client gets the help they need to successfully manage their addiction–and their life.

Why Choose a Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment Program?

A substance use disorder is a complex condition that involves physical, mental, behavioral, and even social elements. Many leading addiction treatment centers now recognize that one or two types of therapy can’t address addiction as effectively as multiple treatment approaches that target each aspect of alcohol or drug abuse. Addiction impacts a person’s every crucial aspect of a person’s life. Holistic therapy addresses each important aspect of a person’s life to support their overall well-being. The straightforward medical treatment doesn’t address some of the profoundly powerful aspects of addiction, so choosing a treatment center offering holistic substance abuse treatment makes sense.

5 Advantages of a Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment Program

When you enroll in an addiction treatment program with a holistic substance abuse treatment component, you can enjoy various benefits supporting your current and long-term recovery goals. These benefits include:

Improved Physical Health

Many holistic therapies like yoga and physical fitness help support physical health. This is important to someone recovering from a substance use disorder in several ways. First, having abused drugs or alcohol for a period of months or even years, an individual is likely to incur diminished physical health. By engaging in holistic therapies that support physical health, individuals can experience physical health improvement. Additionally, when people feel good physically, they may be less inclined to abuse alcohol or drugs.

Reduced Stress

Effective stress management is a key to relapse prevention. Holistic substance abuse treatment offers immense support for stress management. Holistic therapies like meditation, for instance, teach clients how to ‘disengage’ from stress and dispel overpowering negative emotions that might otherwise, and in the past, have driven them to drink or use drugs.

Coping with stress and negative emotions like anger and sadness in healthy ways is the key to recovery success. Stress and negative emotions are psychological triggers to the use of drugs and alcohol, and they’re often the trigger for relapse. During therapy sessions, therapists help clients identify their triggers and develop techniques and strategies for positively coping with them. Some of the ways are actually holistic types of therapies such as physical fitness, yoga, and meditation.

Social Support

To overcome an addiction, clients have to consider their social well-being. Interacting with people who abuse drugs and alcohol can be toxic for someone trying to recover from a substance use disorder. Holistic therapy provides a social outlet for people, helping them meet others who are also recovering and attempting to rebuild their social lives in the context of sobriety. Attending a yoga class or a group hike supports a person’s social well-being, making it easier to maintain distance from unhealthy social situations.

Spiritual Connection

Many people who experience substance use disorders also find that they feel disconnected from spiritual health–however they define it. Regardless of an individual’s religious beliefs or how they identify spiritually, holistic therapies help people tap into what means most to them, what gives their lives purpose and meaning. Substance abuse erodes purpose and meaning, so finding ways to heal one’s spiritual health in this regard is important. Conventional therapies don’t always address a person’s spiritual well-being, but holistic therapies do.

Ongoing Support

The terrific thing about holistic therapies is that they don’t have to stop once a person completes their rehab program. A person can continue to practice meditation alone or with a group. A person can continue to go to yoga classes or find a group in the community that practices yoga together. Once you find a holistic treatment that benefits you, whether it’s acupuncture or aromatherapy, you can continue incorporating it into your life as part of your healthy living plan.

Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment in Irvine

Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment Irvine: Who Can Benefit?

Anyone can benefit from holistic substance abuse treatment with a substance use disorder. When offered alongside a clinically driven treatment program, holistic treatment can help provide a strong recovery foundation. Just as there are various types of conventional addiction therapies, there are various types of holistic treatments too, including art therapy, nutrition, meditation, experiential therapy, and yoga. Many of the holistic practices that clients learn in rehab can ‘go with them;’ that is, they can continue to practice them to support long-term recovery.

How Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment Can Help You

Holistic substance abuse treatment can help you by addressing many of the needs that you experience that conventional therapies may not address. For example, not everyone is comfortable expressing themselves verbally; consequently, forms of talk therapy can be challenging. During music or art therapy, many clients feel more comfortable ‘communicating’ their feelings or ideas via art or music.

During conventional therapies, therapists help clients develop strategies for coping with their triggers, typically negative emotions and stress. These elements can pave the way to relapse when they get out of hand. Holistic treatments can actually ‘become’ those coping methods. For instance, restorative yoga is a healthful way to dispel stress and support physical health. In many ways, holistic treatments work hand in glove with traditional addiction therapies like cognitive behavioral disorders.

Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment Irvine: Magnolia Can Help

Holistic substance abuse treatment can help you prevent relapse. A holistic treatment plan can be the key to your lasting recovery when combined with evidence-based therapies. At Magnolia Recovery of LA, we offer both evidence-based and holistic therapies because we see daily how their combination supports clients and their recovery needs and goals. Our programs address each aspect of addiction so that clients get robust support.

We offer a complete lineup of addiction recovery programs, including medical detox, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, and aftercare programming, all complemented by holistic offerings. Each of our plans is individualized to ensure that clients get the support that’s tailored to their needs and circumstances. Don’t put off treatment that can change your life for the better. Contact Magnolia Recovery at (818) 431-2224 so we can help you end your dependence on drugs and alcohol to lead a healthier, happier, and more rewarding life.