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Addiction to alcohol affects millions of people, but only a fraction seek help. Many people wait too long, only seeking help after alcohol has taken a toll on their health and all that is important in their lives like their family, finances, and career. If you have developed an alcohol abuse disorder, don’t wait to hit the proverbial ‘rock bottom’. Instead, get help managing this condition at Magnolia Recovery of LA. We provide a full continuum of care, supporting clients from the detox phase through aftercare. 

The first step in the alcohol treatment process is typically alcohol detox. Detox targets the physical dependence associated with the addiction. It’s never wise to attempt to go through home detox–attempting to stop drinking without support. Why? Because even though withdrawal symptoms may begin with a mild headache and other mild symptoms, they can quickly intensify. 

Withdrawal symptoms can become quite severe. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can even trigger medical emergencies like seizures, heart irregularities, dehydration, and suicidal thoughts. At a medical detox facility like Magnolia Recovery, clients can be monitored and their symptoms can be treated to reduce their severity. Rehab clinicians provide treatment that prevents severe symptoms that could potentially trigger a health complication. 

Undergoing medical detox at Magnolia Recovery is a safe, clinically supervised process. Our team of clinicians can provide the level of care that clients deserve. If you are experiencing an addiction to alcohol, don’t put off treatment. You can begin your recovery journey by enrolling in our medical detox program. After detox is complete, you can enter the next phase of your treatment plan, learning how to manage your addiction and prevent relapse.

Magnolia Recovery is a modern facility but we have also designed it to be home-like in ambiance. We want our clients to feel welcome and relaxed. Clients can expect to rest in comfort as they undergo detox. Afterward, our recovery programs provide the support clients need to learn how to prevent relapse. Learn about alcohol rehab in California–what it is and how it works. It may be the first step you take toward life-long recovery. Let us help you end your dependence on alcohol so you can build a more healthful life in the context of sobriety.

What Is Medical Alcohol Detox Like?

Medical detox for alcohol dependence is a safe process. At Magnolia Recovery, we monitor our clients throughout the detox process. We provide treatment to reduce the severity of alcohol withdrawal symptoms that may be present. The process may or may not be an acute process. Some people experience only mild withdrawal symptoms. Others, on the other hand, may experience more unpleasant symptoms. Clients can relax in their room, getting rest, or they can stroll our grounds and enjoy our amenities. 

During the detox process, alcohol dissipates from the client’s system. Clients can expect to feel cravings to drink, but we offer treatment to reduce these cravings and improve clients’ comfort. Cravings tend to diminish as time goes by as do withdrawal symptoms. 

Our clinicians are very attentive to clients’ needs. We encourage clients to relax, allowing the body’s natural healing processes to improve as the body becomes ‘clean’ of alcohol. Before withdrawal symptoms peak, people may feel rather poorly, but after symptoms peak, they tend to feel improved with each day’s time. 

Medical detox targets physical dependence but does not address the individual’s psychological and behavioral dependencies. Once detox is complete, clients can begin therapy that does address those other dependencies. Medical detox is the first stage of the recovery process. Getting ‘clean’ allows the individual to regain control over their physical cravings. Then, they can more fully focus on their subsequent treatment. 

What to Expect During Detox

During medical detox at Magnolia Recovery of LA, clients can expect to be cared for throughout the entire detox process. Our clinicians are caring and empathetic. We understand how challenging this time can be physically and emotionally. We offer treatments to help restore our client’s mental and physical health, helping them overcome the hold that alcohol has had on their body. 

Many clients want to know how severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be. In fact, they can become quite severe, particularly if left untreated. This is why it’s never a good idea to detox at home. Alcohol is associated with withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, headache, tremors, and depression. Some people experience a set of symptoms known as delirium tremens (DTs). These symptoms may involve fever, chills, and hallucinations. They require immediate medical treatment. 

At Magnolia Recovery of LA, we can treat symptoms like DTs. We also provide treatment to address any unpleasant symptoms clients may experience during the detox phase of their treatment. There are many medications that can quickly reduce the discomfort associated with alcohol withdrawal. We also offer holistic treatment that can enhance the recovery process. 

Some people also experience mental health symptoms during detox. Symptoms of anxiety and depression are not uncommon. However, some clients actually have a clinical mental health disorder like anxiety, depression, or another disorder. When a person has a mental illness as well as a substance use disorder, they have what’s known as a dual diagnosis. The dual diagnosis affects about a third of people who have substance use disorders. 

At Magnolia, we are able to treat clients who have a dual diagnosis. Simultaneous treatment is essential as it prevents one disorder from impacting the other. With treatment, clients can manage both conditions and achieve the recovery they crave. Some people find that their mental health symptoms improve once detox is complete. Others may require ongoing therapy for their mental health disorder. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to manage mental illness symptoms as they can be triggers to drink. 

How Long Is Detox?

The detox process varies in duration. Generally, medical detox lasts for about a week. It may last anywhere from 5 – 10 days. Some people who have not been addicted to alcohol for a long may complete the process sooner. Upon occasion, an individual might take longer. For most people, the most distressing part of detox, withdrawal symptoms, peak between 24-72 hours from the time of the person’s last drink. 

The detox time frame depends on how long the person has been addicted to alcohol if they have any other substance addictions, and their body’s own unique chemistry. Detox allows the body to begin the healing process, so what clients can expect is that they will begin to feel better after their withdrawal symptoms have peaked. Afterward, the symptoms will diminish. Once detox is completed, the next phase of treatment may begin. 

Why Choose Magnolia Recovery for Alcohol Detox?

Clients choose Magnolia Recovery to undergo alcohol detox because of our reputation for treatment excellence. We offer many different treatment approaches designed to help clients manage their substance use disorder. Alcoholism is a chronic disease, but relapse is not inevitable–not when you have learned how to manage your triggers to drink. 

Magnolia provides a full spectrum of addiction support that stretches from detox to aftercare. We offer residential treatment as well as partial hospitalization programming, and intensive outpatient programming. Many of our clients progress from one treatment program to the next as they learn to manage their addiction and become increasingly independent and ready to transition back to their lives. 

During our treatment programs, clients can expect to participate in evidence-based treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy. This is an important treatment approach as it has the backing of the medical community and is known for its safety and efficacy. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps clients recognize the connections between their thoughts, feelings, and actions. It’s their unhealthy thoughts and feelings that can trigger the individual to drink or use drugs. After identifying their triggers, clients can learn how to manage them, preventing them from leading to relapse.

In addition to evidence-based treatments, our rehab also offers alternative and holistic therapies designed to support the recovery process. We offer treatment approaches that support the healing of the mind, body, and spirit. In addition to individual therapy and group therapy sessions, clients will also focus on eating better and exercising. Our holistic treatment approaches support recovery. 

Taken together, all of our treatment options address each aspect of addiction and recovery. We also spend considerable time focusing on relapse prevention. Alcohol addiction is associated with high relapse rates, but relapse is not inevitable. With high-quality treatment, clients can keep their recovery progress on track. Research has shown that the longer the time a person spends in rehab, the less likely they will be to suffer a relapse. 

Contact Magnolia Recovery of LA to learn more about our alcohol or medically-assisted treatment in California. Alcoholism will take a toll on your physical and mental health. You can safeguard your health and future by ending your dependence on alcohol now. Don’t wait until alcohol does further damage. Begin your recovery journey with medical detox. We can then develop a customized alcohol treatment program designed to meet your needs. 

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What Is Medical Alcohol Detox Like?

What to Expect During Detox

How Long Is Detox?

Why Choose Magnolia Recovery for Alcohol Detox?

Magnolia Recovery… A Special Place to Learn and Heal

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