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Accredited Drug Rehab in Los Angeles

drug rehab in los angeles

Today, there are many addiction treatment centers scattered throughout the country. However, major cities like Los Angeles are home to a myriad of rehabs. How do you choose between them? If you’re searching for quality drug rehab in Los Angeles, you should begin by looking for an accredited treatment facility. Accredited rehabs like Magnolia Recovery meet treatment standards outlined by accrediting bodies like The Joint Commission, which evaluates healthcare facilities, organizations, and professionals to ensure they comply with standards for safe and effective care.

Magnolia Recovery takes our accreditation very seriously. An accredited treatment facility delivers clinically driven treatments that promote lasting recovery. Don’t entrust your healthcare to a non-accredited center. At Magnolia Recovery, we offer a full range of treatment programs that meet you where you are in your recovery journey. We offer medical detox programs, residential treatment, and outpatient treatment programs in a home-like setting that prioritizes our clients’ comfort and wellbeing. 

How Do I Find an Accredited Drug Rehab in Los Angeles?

To find an accredited drug rehab in Los Angeles, you can perform a simple online search for Joint Commission-accredited addiction treatment centers in Los Angeles or Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities in LA. Many clients begin their search for quality addiction treatment by discussing their needs with a doctor who can refer them to an accredited rehab. On the other hand, you can simply contact our drug rehab in Los Angeles to learn more about our treatment plans and therapies.

Recovery is a process that lasts a lifetime.

What to Look for in a Drug Rehab in Los Angeles

It may seem daunting to find an addiction treatment center in Los Angeles given that there are so many options to consider. Even so, you can narrow your search to treatment centers that feature:

Full Continuum of Care

Not all rehabs offer a full range of treatment programs that include medical detox, inpatient treatment, and outpatient treatment. These types of centers offer a more comprehensive level of care than centers that only offer outpatient treatment, for example.

Individualized Treatment

The best healthcare meets each patient’s specific medical needs. That should be no different when it comes to addiction and mental health treatment. Look for a rehab that will customize care for you. A high-quality rehab will offer both one-on-one therapy and group therapy for clients.

Professional Staff

When searching for a drug rehab in Los Angeles, choose one that’s staffed by credentialed clinicians and therapies. Medical professionals stay up to date with the best treatment practices and therapies. Look for a rehab with experienced addiction specialists who have a reputation for providing empathetic care.

Positive Environment

An addiction treatment center should feature a safe, positive, and welcoming environment where clients can immerse themselves in their recovery plan. That said, some treatment facilities feature a sterile, impersonal setting that can feel off-putting. Look for a treatment center that features a comfortable atmosphere complemented by excellent amenities.

Success-Driven Treatments

Of course, it’s crucial to choose a rehab in LA that offers effective substance abuse treatments. Addiction is a complex condition so it’s important to select a treatment center that features multiple treatment approaches to target all aspects of substance use disorders. Look for a treatment center that offers evidence-based treatments, alternative treatments, and holistic treatments. High-quality drug rehabs in LA will also be able to treat dual diagnosis. 

Magnolia Recovery offers all of these important features and more. We feature a small treatment facility that accepts no more than six clients at one time in order to provide personalized care in our ultra-comfortable setting. 

Treatments Offered at Drug Rehab

At Magnolia Recovery, we feature addiction treatments that include medically sanctioned and holistic treatment approaches. Our psychiatrists, therapists, and other addiction specialists offer treatments that not only address crucial aspects of addiction, but also support whole-person health. When an individual feels well physically and mentally, they find it easier to manage their addiction and maintain their recovery progress.

Like other accredited drug rehabs in California, we offer evidence-based treatments. These are therapies that have been subjected to rigorous medical evaluation and have been determined by medical researchers to be safe and effective in the treatment of substance use disorders like heroin addiction, alcohol addiction, or prescription drug addiction. Therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy help clients to understand the connections between their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Learning to identify problematic thoughts and feelings (triggers) is the first step to learning how to cope with them in healthy ways.

Our treatment center also offers holistic therapies like meditation and fitness. Clients must develop various strategies for managing their triggers and common stressors that have compelled them to drink or use drugs in the past. Our holistic therapies help clients manage their triggers while enhancing their overall health at the same time. 

Together, our treatments help clients build a strong recovery foundation. We promote mental, physical, and spiritual healing from the damaging effects of alcohol and drug addiction. Because our facility features a serene and home-like atmosphere, clients often find it easy to focus on their healing process. 

Paying for Drug Rehab with Insurance in Los Angeles

Magnolia Recovery accepts most PPO insurance plans. However, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your insurance plan with our enrollment specialists or verify your insurance right on our website. With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, medical insurance providers must meet at least the minimum requirements for providing coverage for mental health care and substance abuse treatment. Many insurance plans, of course, exceed those minimum coverage standards. If you are unsure what your insurer covers, you can contact us for clarification. 

A licensed and accredited rehab will generally accept most major health insurance plans. Some clients prefer to pay out-of-pocket for their rehab expenses. The cost of drug rehab in Los Angeles is an investment in your health and future.

Magnolia Drug Rehab Programs in Los Angeles

Enroll at Magnolia Recovery in Los Angeles and let us help you achieve your recovery goals. It’s important to remember that a substance use disorder like alcoholism or drug addiction is a chronic condition. Addiction changes the chemistry of the brain. Trying to quit using on your own is incredibly difficult without therapy that teaches you how to manage your addiction for the long term. 

Our addiction specialists can recommend the ideal treatment plan and therapies for your needs. We offer residential treatment as well as outpatient treatment plans like partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient therapy. We also offer medically supervised detox designed to help clients overcome their physical dependence on drugs and alcohol. 

Clients will find that our treatment center brims with caring clinicians who have years of experience in addiction medicine. Our facility is designed like a comfortable home. Clients can expect to enjoy comfortable and attractively furnished rooms. We feature delicious and nutritious meals as well as recreational and fitness equipment. 

Don’t put off enrolling in substance abuse treatment. Addiction is likely to get worse without help. Contact Magnolia Recovery to discuss your condition and how we can help you recover. With our accessible and affordable care, you can put addiction behind you. Call us to learn more about our enrollment process.

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