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MAT Addiction Treatment in California

Magnolia Recovery: Medically Assisted Treatment Program in California

More than 22 million people today are struggling with a substance use disorder involving alcohol, illicit drugs, or prescription drugs. Yet, statistics indicate that only a fraction of these individuals will seek treatment at a professional rehab. That’s unfortunate because today’s rehabs feature a wide range of therapeutic options and treatment programs that promote long-term addiction recovery.

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) offers clients recovery support in the form of medications. Ideal for certain types of addictions like opioid addiction and alcohol use disorder, today’s MAT is known for its safety and efficacy. Not only can medications reduce cravings for the drug in question; but they can also ward away withdrawal symptoms. MAT is just one of many addiction treatment approaches. It is combined with other forms of treatment to promote the recovery process. 

Magnolia Recovery of LA features MAT in addition to other evidence-based treatments, alternative therapies, and holistic therapies. We treat the mind, body, and spirit with our individualized treatment programs. Not all clients need or prefer to include MAT as part of their treatment program. However, if this type of therapy is right for you, you can enroll at Magnolia for our help. 

Addiction treatment is an important step in the recovery process. At Magnolia, we offer various treatment programs, that include drug and alcohol detox, sober living in California, inpatient treatment, and outpatient treatment programs. We also offer aftercare programming. Our clinicians are able to treat clients with a dual diagnosis as well as provide MAT and other forms of high-quality addiction treatment. 

Our treatment center offers clients a safe, home-like setting where they can immerse themselves in their therapy without distractions. Our private center offers a serene environment complemented by amenities like private rooms, nutritious meals, and comfortable furnishings. It’s never a good idea to put off treatment. Substance use disorders will take a toll on a person’s mental and physical health. 

At Magnolia Recovery, we help clients regain control of their lives and health. Our treatments help clients manage their triggers to abuse drugs or alcohol, putting their addiction behind them. If MAT is right for you, Magnolia Recovery can help. Some clients begin this form of treatment during detox; others may rely on it throughout their rehab time or even on an outpatient basis. Learn more about MAT here.

What Is MAT?

MAT, short for medication assisted treatment, refers to the use of medications to treat substance use disorders such as heroin addiction or alcoholism. The medications reduce the individual’s cravings for the substance they’re addicted to. In some cases, they can also treat or prevent withdrawal symptoms. The medications used in MAT do not cause the individual to get high or affect their physical and mental capabilities unless they happen to be abused. 

However, today’s MAT drugs are regarded as highly safe. Unlike methadone, which is involved in roughly 5,000 overdose deaths each year, MAT drugs are unlikely to cause an overdose. In cases when overdose occurs, it’s usually because the individual has relapsed. Although methadone, an opioid agonist, can be abused, the drug is much safer to take than other opioid drugs. Methadone prevents people from using heroin or other dangerous opioids without getting high. 

Today’s MAT drugs have been designed to promote recovery with much less risk of abuse. The medications are both safe and highly effective. Various medications have been approved to treat substance use disorders. In addition to methadone, clinicians may prescribe drugs such as naltrexone and buprenorphine. While some critics of MAT have expressed concern about replacing one substance with another, it’s important to remember that the replacement substance does not cause a high. It is a medication that simply reduces cravings for the powerful addictive substance. 

With fewer cravings, clients can focus more successfully on their other therapies and treatments. While the medication keeps cravings and withdrawal symptoms at bay, clients can spend time learning how to manage their triggers and work to achieve their other recovery goals. Some people only rely on MAT for a short time. Others find that MAT is important to their ongoing recovery maintenance. 

In the early days, weeks, and months of a person’s recovery, they may be at their most vulnerable to suffering a relapse. In fact, many drugs like opioids are associated with tremendously high relapse rates. A chief benefit of MAT is that it helps clients prevent relapse. With fewer cravings and reduced cravings, clients will find it easier to maintain their recovery progress. As time goes by, they can expect to grow in stability. Their ability to manage their triggers is also likely to improve with time and practice. MAT affords them with some respite from the powerful cravings that can lead to relapse. 

MAT is not a cure or lone addiction treatment. At Magnolia Recovery, clinicians offer MAT in conjunction with other non-drug addiction treatments. MAT must be prescribed. Clinicians will oversee and monitor this form of treatment. MAT can be highly effective for treating substance use disorders. The combination of treatments can support lasting recovery. At this time, MAT is prescribed for opioid use disorders and alcohol addictions. If you are suffering from an opioid addiction or alcohol use disorder, you can get support that includes MAT at Magnolia Recovery of LA. 

What to Expect During MAT

Is MAT right for you? Addiction specialists at Magnolia Recovery can help you determine if this is the right type of therapy for you. We carefully assess each client’s unique needs at the time of their enrollment. If you have an opioid use disorder or alcohol addiction, you might benefit from MAT. If that’s the case, it may be included in your treatment program. 

If you are a candidate for MAT, our clinicians will discuss any drug that is prescribed for your treatment. Although these medications are safe, they may involve some side effects, particularly during the first days/weeks of treatment. However, many people experience no effects other than relief from their cravings and withdrawal symptoms. 

Medications that are part MAT may not be the only drugs prescribed to you. If you do experience withdrawal symptoms like vomiting, clinicians may prescribe anti-nausea medications. Many clients have a dual diagnosis, which involves the presence of a mental health disorder as well as the substance use disorder. They may experience anxiety or depression as a result of withdrawal symptoms. In such cases, clinicians might prescribe medications designed specifically to treat mental health symptoms.

At Magnolia Recovery, we have a reputation for our holistic therapies too, so medications are not the only measure of support we can provide to our clients. Nutrition and fitness can promote recovery and jumpstart the body’s natural healing processes. Medication, holistic therapies, evidence-based treatment, and related therapies offer clients a robust level of support designed to speed recovery.

Why Choose Magnolia Recovery for Medically Assisted Treatment for Addiction 

Magnolia Recovery of LA is a leading California addiction treatment center. We offer medication assisted treatment along with many other treatment approaches designed to help people with substance use disorders achieve lasting recovery. MAT can promote recovery when combined with other addiction therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy. During your enrollment process and evaluation, we can help you decide if MAT is an appropriate treatment option for you. 

Magnolia Recovery offers clients a complete lineup of addiction treatment programs. Our programs include medical detox, residential treatment, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient therapy. We also offer aftercare. Which program is best for you? When you visit us for an evaluation, we can help you decide on a course of treatment. If MAT is part of your individualized treatment plan, we can begin right away. 

Clients choose to enroll at our California rehab because it has a reputation for its expertise and experience. Our clinicians are credentialed and devoted to providing the support clients need. Our rehab is noted for its ultra-comfortable atmosphere that feels more like a home environment than a medical facility. Clients can learn, rest, and build a strong foundation for their improved health and addiction recovery. We feature beautiful grounds, delicious meals, and a compassionate atmosphere that is conducive to healing.

Our many different treatment approaches help clients understand the connections between their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. The negative behaviors associated with drinking and drug use are often fueled by negative thoughts and emotions. By addressing these with the help of our insightful therapists, clients can identify and change them, forming new, healthy habits that support sobriety. 

If you are suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs, you can rely on Magnolia Recovery of LA for the help you need to manage your addiction successfully. The worst thing to do is put off treatment. The risk of overdose is ever present, but why allow your health to suffer for another day? Visit or contact Magnolia Recovery to discuss our enrollment process. We can also discuss our various treatment options and how they can enhance your recovery journey. 


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What Is MAT?

What to Expect During MAT

Why Choose Magnolia Recovery for Medically Assisted Treatment for Addiction

Magnolia Recovery… A Special Place to Learn and Heal

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